A Journey Around the World

May 18 2016

A Journey Around the World

Most of us have dreamed about packing it all in, getting on a plane, and never looking back. But of course there’s that little voice in the back of your head – that annoying, responsible voice – that thinks “Can I actually afford this,” “Will I be able to find a job when I get home,” or “what if I hate it?”

And while you ponder over all the things that could go wrong, don’t forget about all the things that will go right, and how much you’ll love your journey.


Meet Nick and Hannah, a couple that threw caution to the wind and set off on a whirlwind of a journey around the world. They created Salt in Our Hair as a way to share their adventures through Instagram with people from around the world and will be launching a website soon. They’ve experienced incredible adventures all over the world and, needless to say, are living every wanderluster’s dream 🙌. We’ve been featuring some of their favourite adventures on our Instagram  over the past week.


While it’s never easy to give up the normalcy of everyday life and the steadiness of a full-time career, when you find yourself standing at the top of a mountain, or relaxing on a hidden beach, or seeing more stars than ever imaginable while looking up at the night’s sky, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it for experiencing moments like this.


Craving adventure on the road less traveled? Get inspired 👇.


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