A little Amsterdam for Everyone

Jun 27 2016

A little Amsterdam for Everyone

Amsterdam is one of those places that has achieved a near folklore-type status over the years. Word-of-mouth and Hollywood have seamlessly implanted crazy ideas into the minds of impressionable youth, and the reputation for the city certainly lives up to the hype.

Although there are many options for things that may not be considered socially acceptable, Amsterdam is a beautiful city that has much more to offer than crude activities. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Go for a boat ride in the canals.

*Photo by Stephanie Weiland

Venice may be world renowned for its famous canals, but Amsterdam also has extensive waterways that are just as grand. Check out one of the many awesome boat tours that run through the city.

2. Visit museums.

There is an abundance of museums tucked away in many corners of Amsterdam. From theVan Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, to a spot that showcases the evolution of bags and purses, there are both historically significant and wacky choices that are sure to fit the needs of your preferred museum experience.


*Photo by Stephanie Weiland

3. Rent a bike.

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. Admiring the architecture and its wonderful aura while atop a two-tired machine is a definite must. Amsterdam is a biking city, with the roads abiding to predominantly to bikers and pedestrians. You’ll find the chime of a bicycle bell charming, as you weave in and out of cobblestone roads. Check out Vondelpark, it’s a great place to park your bike for a few hours and enjoy some downtimes.

4. Eat.

*Photo by Stephanie Weiland

Trying new cuisines is one of the most exciting things about travel. So do yourself a favor and walk – or bike- to various restaurants in Amsterdam and gorge yourself with Dutch Cuisine. You’ll want to venture a little out from the centre of the city and check out neighbourhoods like the Jordaan. There are plenty of restaurants, and it’s a happening spot for locals to dine.

5. Visit Shops.

There are some supremely intriguing shops that line the streets of Amsterdam and they are definitely worth checking out. Many businesses are location specific to the area and you won’t find anything quite like these places in other parts of the world.
6.Find a nice place to sit.

There are inviting plazas, beautiful parks and benches all over the place. Take a seat and appreciate the unique surroundings that comprise the city.

Amsterdam may be better known as “The Vegas of Europe”: a place where taboo activities run rampant and you can indulge in sinful things that you’ve always thought about. However, there is a much lighter side that can easily be experienced for any age or personality. Regardless of what your travel preferences are, Amsterdam is a city that you must visit.


*This post was written by Travel Filthy.

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