My friend Alan messaged me inviting me on a day of adventure, to a mysterious place called Lulworth Cove. Plans were set for the following day and excitement was setting in when the googling started. 6:50 am the alarm went off… I shot out of bed like a rocket and nearly literally threw myself into […]


ONE OF MY DREAMS HAS ALWAYS BEEN TO SIT IN THE SANDS OF THE SAHARA. IN MARCH 2016 I ACHIEVED THIS DREAM AND OH WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. After what felt like days of driving I had arrived in Merzouga. This was the real outskirts of the Sahara. For the previous nights I had spent time […]


On our first day in New Zealand, we woke up early to catch a bus that took us to Greymouth where our Stray bus (a popular form of transportation for backpackers in NZ) picked us up. Typical us, we WAY overestimated the temperatures in New Zealand. We expected temps in the 20s, but boy were we wrong! […]


New York City is one of the most culturally diverse places on the face of the earth and that character certainly shines through in the many iconic corners of the city. With such a booming and unique population, the potential activities for your trip are plentiful. Here is what we recommend: 1) Check out Times […]

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Amsterdam is one of those places that has achieved a near folklore-type status over the years. Word-of-mouth and Hollywood have seamlessly implanted crazy ideas into the minds of impressionable youth, and the reputation for the city certainly lives up to the hype. Although there are many options for things that may not be considered socially […]

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If words were capable of being transformed into a physical form, Switzerland would be something straight out of a fairytale. Although the country isn’t large, the diverse and vertical terrain make it one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Whether you want to see the legendary peak of the Matterhorn in […]

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Most of us have dreamed about packing it all in, getting on a plane, and never looking back. But of course there’s that little voice in the back of your head – that annoying, responsible voice – that thinks “Can I actually afford this,” “Will I be able to find a job when I get […]

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Most of us dream of traveling to faraway exotic places to see untouched landscapes and take in some awe-inspiring views.  But what about what’s right in our own backyard? Domestic travel might not sound as sexy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any unforgettable experiences right here at home. One of those places is Zion […]

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*This article originally appeared on Huffington Post ‘The Blogs’. Oh, Canada: the land of ice and snow, where hockey players are the top national export, the people really are as nice as they say, and you’ll find some of the most incredible landscapes in the entire world. From east coast to west coast, these awe-inspiring […]


What we know as the land of ice and fire, or more commonly as the area north of the wall in Game of Thrones, Iceland is hands-down one of the best places to travel to. And with airlines like IcelandAir and WowAir offering extended stopovers in the country, more and more travelers are taking advantage […]

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