Aliwal Shoal Adventures
South Africa

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If you are a Scuba Diver, This is the place to go!!

We always dive with a guy called Emil from Aliwal Shoal Adventures, Chuck Norris of the Sea as we call him. When diving Aliwal the conditions go from good to bad very quickly but the marine life you get to see is worth it.

Free Diving with black tip sharks is one of my top 5 memories on my list and this was all thanks to Emil. No cages, just you, the ocean and some sharks.

The reefs are shallow so we normally get to dive for over an hour.. With all sorts of marine life, you usually see lots of turtles, Potato bass. Eels and Ragid tooth sharks.

The best place to say when diving Aliwal is a small town called Umkomaas here you will only find locals and divers. There is an amazing place called Shark and Shoal guest house, you can see the view in the pics below. Definitely one of the best Bnbs we have stayed at. There are a lot of small towns and cities close by so you don’t have to worry about packing too much stuff. Everything you need will be right there.

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Aliwal Shoal Adventures


Aliwal Shoal Adventures
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Aliwal Shoal Adventures

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