Great Wall of China

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​The Great Wall -It is one of the wonders of the new world and for good reason. The scale, size and sheer grandeur of the place makes this a must visit place, not just in china but anywhere in the world. But beware, it is visited by millions of tourists so you need to choose the time and location carefully. The photos below are from Mutianyu part of the wall at 9am in the morning. During that time there are a very few tourists around and being a bit further away from Beijing (2.5 hour drive) it sees less visitors

TOP TIP – Walking on the wall is NOT easy. The wall sits on top of the hills and to walk along the wall you are continuously climbing up and down. This includes climbing up and down steep steps

TOP TIP – If you happen to visit this part of the wall, to all the way to tower number 24. This is officially the end of the section open to tourists, but to see original parts of the wall, scale the small wall that sits at tower 24 and keep walking. As you see below, these bits are not restores so you are walkingnon original parts of the wall dating back centuries

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Great Wall of China


Great Wall of China
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Great Wall of China

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