Reykjavík, Iceland

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Northern lights, September 2015.

I went to Iceland in September 2015 hoping to see some northern lights. I had just landed and was on the bus that was taking me to my hostel when the driver told everyone to look up as the northern lights were out. I looked up and there they were! They weren’t very bright nor very active, but they were there. That night, I went to bed with a huge smile on my face.
On the second night, I decided to go aurora hunting in Reykjavik harbour. I waited until 11 pm (the lights are usually very active around 11 or midnight), went outside my hostel (Kex hostel, an old cookie factory) and this is what I saw. Apparently, pink northern lights are rare in Iceland. I guess I’m a lucky girl!

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Reykjavík, Iceland


Reykjavík, Iceland
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Reykjavík, Iceland

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