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SRI LANKA. Even the name sounds exotic, foreign, mysterious. Does it seem like this little island nation suddenly popped up in the last couple of years from somewhere you couldn’t quite identify on a map (just in case – it’s just East of the southern tip of India) to the destination every blogger ever was traveling to? Until last year, the only thing I knew about Sri Lanka was that my elementary school teachers were all from there – never did I imagine that I would spend 2 months trekking across the country, almost from top to bottom, and coast to coast.

The huge surge in tourism in Sri Lanka comes from a few factors all coming together at around the same time, namely being the 30-year civil war finally coming to an end in the country in 2009, creating a newly peaceful nation with large emerging markets. A number of foreign investment projects, the countries first two highways being built from the Capital, and its proximately to popular destinations of the Maldives and India, have all been coming together to create a destination for backpackers, adventurers, and luxe travelers alike.

The first thing to know when planning a trip to Sri Lanka, especially a longer one or with a more ambitious schedule, is that Sri Lanka is not an easy country to get around. The drives are long, windy, and stressful. There is a train system that runs through the country, and while the train rides are beautiful, they are open-air and long. Most major sights are 2-5 hours away by car, and unless you are going from Colombo to the South Coast, there is no highway. Sri Lanka is a rich culture full of wildlife, unique foods, ancient sites, beautiful hotels, and interesting people to meet in all corners – but plan and prepare for how much travel fatigue you can and will take.

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sri lanka


sri lanka
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sri lanka

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