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Ubud: land of rain, temples and monkeys.

So for two weeks I’m traveling with my mom, which means I traded in my dorm bed and locker for slightly fancier digs. Dont get me wrong, I love hostels. I love how you can met so many people and automatically have at least one common interest the love of travel. But for two weeks it’s private rooms and quality time with my momma!

After arriving in Bali by plane, we made the drive up to Ubud. Located in central Bali, it is in the middle of lush rainforest. My mom was taken aback by how green everything is. I guess compared to January in Canada, anything seems green.

Three highlights from Ubud:

The Monkey Forest was so fun. There were monkeys everywhere. It definitely lived up to its name. People were feeding them bananas, but I decided to take a pass on that. I’ve heard they can get mean, and after my friend Heather got robbed by a monkey in Zimbabwe, I’m cautious. And for good reason. One jumped on my back, despite not having any food and tried to open my backpack.
I got the literal monkey of my back and we continued to tour around.

The Holy Water Spring Temple outside of Ubud was one of my other favourite experiences. I’m not a spiritual person, but I left the Water Spring feeling rejuvenated and empowered. It was feeling I will not forget anytime soon.

I find rice terraces so fascinating, probably because it’s so different from any agriculture that we do in Ontario. We visited a rather large one, and were able to walk along the pathways down and up the opposite side. It was beautiful and the sheer size of it left you a little breathless.

Despite the fact that it rained almost the entire time we were in Ubud, we still made the best of it and enjoyed our time there.

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