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    I have about 12 hours in each of these cities in the next four weeks. Anyone have any suggestions for must dos??

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    I haven’t personally been but Mount Evans looks really cool! You can drive right up to it and the vista looks amazing. You can then also brag to people that you “climbed a 14er” (mountain over 14,000 feet) :-D. Hopefully time permits for you.

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      I’ll try to get there. Might be a bit far from the city, but it looks fun!

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    Depending on the time of the year you’re going, head up to Ogden (maybe 30 min north of Salt Lake). It’s a really cool town with a lot of history (it’s where the railway that connects the east and west US met).

    But better than that, you can do some Via Feretta. Take a look at the place below. You clip in and climb mountains. No experience required and it’s easy to do some of the routes (can do a harder one if you want). Definitely an experience and you’ll get some amazing views.

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      Thanks for the tips! I did get to Ogden, but I didn’t really have time to do any hiking, unfortunately. Had to stay available to tote my husband around to different interview locations around SLC. :( But if we end up there, I’ll definitely check all these places out!

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    I’ve been through Salt Lake for similar time periods for work, and I definitely agree with the other posts. I’d say try to get out of the city and hit a trail, there is a ton of amazing places to explore just outside the city if you can get yourself out and have time. Otherwise hop online and look up the best places in the city to read a book or grab a bite to eat! Thats always a great way to get out and walk around.

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    While in Denver you can check out Garden of the Gods. It’s not too far out of town and is a cool area.
    Also, If you’re into hiking, the Manitou Incline is also a great option and is pretty close to Garden of the Gods. I’m not sure how accessible the incline is with winter weather, but it;’s worth the climb for the view.

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    SLC has some amazing snowboarding in the winter right outside the city!

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