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    Hey fellow vagabonds, miscreants and wanders,

    My wife and I are currently planning our Honeymoon and looking to head to Thailand to acquire our Open/Advanced Open Water Diving, PADI. While travelling I have bumped into a few fellows who have recommended Ban’s Diving School as the number one spot to go in Ko Tao? I’m just wondering if anybody out there has been to this spot, or would recommend something totally different? Thanks and travel safe!

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    I have absolutely no knowledge on the subject; I just had to comment and applaud your greeting. 10/10. Hopefully someone can help you out. Sounds so exciting!

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    Hey Nick! That is awesome! I haven’t done my dive cert yet, but will be doing it on Ko Tao before to long. Haven’t got to do too much research yet, but I’m in Penang Malaysia, where a lot of the instructers go for their Visa Runs and talking to them made me so excited to go there and do mine. I hung out with two people that worked at Crystal and they seemed very positive about it. Let me know where you decide to do it! When are you guys going? Good luck!

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      Thanks Kelsey! We are most likely going to be heading to Ko Tao in the fall. We were hoping to go earlier but fall is more realistic. Appreciate the update and hope to hear how it goes for you!

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    I really can recommend you a diving school in Phuket, Kata Beach. They are working very professional and it made me a lot of fun! For more information feel free to ask me! :)

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    Hello from Koh Tao, I start my cert today. I’m super excited. The fall will be nice, just make sure to check monsoon season. I think it’s just really November and December, but something to double check and that wouldn’t be much fun.

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    Hey Nick,

    I have dove with big blue dive in ko tao. I already had my certs but they were a good dive shop to try out


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      The Phi Phi Islands have tons of great dive shops and from what I hear, some great dive sites. I was only able to snorkel there but from what I saw, it was absolutely incredible. A lot of the dive instructors on those islands are Australian, so if you’re a westerner who speaks English, that makes it easy!

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