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    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone use a drone? If so, what do you recommend for traveling? I’m leaning towards the Mavic Pro because of its portability, follow me mode, and video quality but it’s definitely on the expensive side of my budget. Curious what others think.


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    I’m very interested in this as I am currently looking into the Mavic Pro as well! I’m interested for all of the same reasons as you – I love the idea of carrying it in my daypack and having it follow on a trail/cliff edge. It is definitely pricey though, especially here in Australia, but from my research it seems like with drones you really get what you pay for. The Parrot Bebop 2 is a decent option for a cheaper price point, but the video quality isn’t quite there. I believe Paul (atlas user) owns a Mavic – let’s see if he can weigh in at all. A friend of mine recently purchased the Mavic Pro and will give me feedback once he tests it – hopefully I can pass that along shortly :).

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    I’ve got a Mavic and love it. Really portable and even with the extra blades and 2 extra batteries, it all fits into that little bag it comes in.

    Follow mode and a few of the other presets, I haven’t had any issue with. Average battery run time for me is about 18 – 22 minutes, just depending how windy it is.

    My only issue with it (and I have a feeling this is of most drones) is landing it on uneven surfaces. Since it has a really low profile you need a flat surface to land it on. I wish there was a feature where I could just hover it over my backpack and turn off the propellers so it would land there. It’s only an issue if you’re on a mountain or somewhere where you might not get a flat surface. Past that, really easy to use, set up, portable and a lot of fun. Just make sure you charge up your phone as well since running the DJI app will drain your battery a bit.

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      That’s good to know, Paul. I’ve heard of that same issue – some pilots(?) apparently work up the nerve to have it hover over and land on their hand, but that is trickier with this drone with its small profile (less space to catch). One option that people have done is taken to carrying a magazine or something like that to serve as a little landing pad for it. Not sure if that will help or not, but give it a shot!

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    If you’re not shooting professionally, get a Mavic or the new DJI Spark. The quality is more than fine for the average hobbyist/blogger/Instagrammer and the portability is key.

    I travel with an Inspire. It’s, uhhh, not easy at all.

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    I have a Mavic and a Phantom 4 Pro. Mavic is amazing for travel and video quality is great, however, more compressed than the Phantom.

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    Here’s a very cool review on the new DJI Spark – may need to have this in my bag going forward!

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