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    Ever thought about visiting the Eiffel Tower and seeing the “Romantic” city of Paris?
    Read my thoughts on traveling to this coveted destination at:

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    Crepes terrible? That makes me sad to hear. I too went to Paris not that long ago, and heard the same thing from people. Not about the bad crepes, I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like crepes. But that the city was too crowded, too bad and in the easiest of terms, overated-but k wasn’t about to let that stop me. And I’m very glad I didn’t. Paris was one of my favourite stops on my 3 month Europe trip. I found people generally helpful, the scenery fantastic and don’t get me started on the food. It’s a good thing I did so much walking, counter act all the pastries. It’s always interesting when you have mixed feelings about a place. Are there any other places you’ve visited, that gave you those mixed feelings? Or perhaps ones that one visit was more than enough? Do you think going to Paris in the ‘low’ season would have helped?

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    Yes I agree wit hKelsey! Paris was awesome for the food and the architecture. I had a great time and literally could never run out of new museums or old building to go and look at

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    I loved Paris! Not every part of it is pretty though, of course. I think it is, as most capital cities of Europe, very controversial. Very crowded and with many different looks it can easily put you off. It is too big to have everything fairytale-looking like as some might think. But it has a unique vibe, loads of museums and galleries to visit, and the more unseen side where Arc de la Defense is, which is more modern looking and with skyscrapers. I definitely recommend the Louvre, it is amazing and could take days to explore it all. Also the Monmartre, wonderful city views and there are many street performances that give you a great experience of the Parisian life.

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