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    Has anyone backpacked through Vietnam? I am wondering if it’s better to go North to South or South to North. Is there a route that’s more popular than the other?

    My Visa is a one month, multi entry from March 5 to April 6.

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    Hey Kelsey,

    Was in Vietnam last year backpacking. You can definitely do the progression either way (no wrong way to do it- it’s all beautiful), but we did South-North and were really pleased with our decision. Both Ho Chi Minh City (South) and Hanoi (North) are incredible, but there’s more to do and explore outside of the city in the North (Ha Long Bay, Sapa, etc). That and the fact that there’s a lot of historical sites/museum’s in the South dedicated to/focused on the Vietnam War would make me inclined to do the South first as you will be desensitized to it all by the time you get there if you were to do North-South instead. Some of the coolest places to visit in Vietnam are actually in the center of the country – Hue (former Imperial capital city), and Hoi An being some of the nicest. If you haven’t already decided how you’re going to get around the country, consider catching a ride on the night trains- definitely a unique perspective on an incredible place. Hope this helps!

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    Stephanie Coulter

    I completely agree with Andrew! We did South to North as well. I personally preferred the North so I liked finishing there. Sapa, Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh were just a few of the stops in the north. Hoi An was definitely a highlight! HCMC and Dalat were highlights in the South.

    Are you planning to motorbike? If not, you can buy bus tickets for the route in Hanoi or HCMC (~US$40-45). The stops are generally HMCH – Mui Ne – Dalat – Nha Trang – Hoi An – Hue – Hanoi. The bus to / from Sapa is extra (I think ~$8-10). Ha Long Bay you can book in Hanoi. You can also buy the routes individually in each of the cities which will cost only a bit more (but could give you more flexibility – i.e. you could save time and fly from Da Nang near Hoi An to Hanoi for ~$35). We also chose to bike from Hoi An to Hue through the Hoi Van pass which was amazing (an extra $40).

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    Thanks so much for the great responses you guys! I am looking into both right now. Like you said I don’t think you can really go wrong, but this information definitely helps!

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    most go south to north it seems but we went north to south so we could go through cambodia afterwards defintly was a good time. the north definitly was better however so allocate mre time for sapa, ha long and hanoi. also a must see spot is hoi an

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