What are some of your "must pack" items for a trip?

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    For me, an external charger is a vital for traveling.

    What items do you always pack?

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    Some lesser thought of items I’ve picked up along the way:

    – Empty ziplock bags
    These tend to come into handy for so many things – sneaking snacks out of a breakfast buffet, needing to pack wet clothes quickly, holding anything that breaks, etc etc. I always have a dozen in different sizes

    – A big swiss army knife (obviously in checked bag)
    I’m constantly in need of a bottle opener, pair of scissors, or a mini screwdriver

    – Chain bike lock
    For backpacking or less secure travel, I have a suitcase that locks, that I can then chain to a piece of furniture, or a luggage carrier on a train or bus – nothing is 100% but it definitely adds a good layer of security.

    – My own pillow
    I’m just really into my one particular pillow that I sleep with every night. It’s squishy and compacts into my carry on fairly easily. I pretty much never leave home without it.

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