Lulworth Cove

Sep 22 2016

Lulworth Cove

My friend Alan messaged me inviting me on a day of adventure, to a mysterious place called Lulworth Cove.
Plans were set for the following day and excitement was setting in when the googling started.

6:50 am the alarm went off… I shot out of bed like a rocket and nearly literally threw myself into the shower to force myself to wake-up. Anytime before 8 or 9 or no 10 on a Sunday is a horrible time to get out of bed.
So showers were had and smoothies were drunk, and in quite a short period of time we (Florence (this is some gossip for you but another time I guess) and I) were walking through parks, over bridges and roads to head to Putney Station to catch a train to Waterloo where Alan was waiting for us.
The train journey was pretty uneventful (as most are). The most exciting part of the journey was in regards to alans friend. Who was supposed to meet us at Waterloo but didn’t make it (we did later find out she had forgotten to set an alarm… Amateur mistake.)

The journey was from Waterloo station to Wool (tickets were on special through south-west trains and only cost £16 each) and took roughly 2 and a half hours.
Once we had arrived at Wool station we ordered a taxi to take us to the cove. (There is a bus that runs but usually only 4 times a day so there could be a wait, the wait for us was around 45mins)

We used Karls Cars – 01929 463395

But now the day began, Sadly not much to really report was just an adventurous day at the beach. Filled with walking, rock skimming (thanks to Paul for those lessons years ago), fish and chips, more walking, ice creams and Sunburn…