Negril, Jamaica -- Beaches Negril resort

May 02 2016

Negril, Jamaica — Beaches Negril resort

Beaches Negril has the most beautiful stretch of beach I have ever seen (7 miles long!) and the friendliest staff I have ever met. The hospitality and genuine enthusiasm from not only the entertainment staff, but also the chefs, bartenders and front desk attendants, was truly outstanding.

The resort is an intimate size – about 300 rooms total – so it’s not overwhelming. You could probably walk around the whole area in 25-30 minutes. Even though it is a bit smaller, there was definitely not a shortage of restaurants. My personal favourite was the Jamaican-style cuisine spot called “Stewfish” on the beach. You sit at picnic tables, day or night, and the best part is: they let you go barefoot! I always had the Jamaican style breakfast in the morning; callaloo, akee, saltfish and fritters.

Callaloo is the spinach-like leaves of a tropical plant, widely used in Caribbean cooking. Akee is a tropical fruit that is peeled. The inside tastes a bit like avocado.

I’m still craving it. I liked it so much — I tried to have most dinners here, too. My favourite was the seafood dish; shrimp and spice and everything nice.

There was a small waterpark on the property for kids (or those young at heart) and lots of entertainment/sports activities to enjoy during the day. For example, snorkeling is included in your stay and I took advantage of that! I got to hold an inflated (and spiky) pufferfish in my hand, and as it exhaled, the little guy spewed out all the water from his ears and mouth! I couldn’t stop laughing and thus, I got salt water in my mouth too. I doubt my exhale looked quite as amusing, though.

The entertainment at night is also one of a kind. They host a BBQ beach party one night and other nights they perform on stage. The steel drum band was my favourite. I got chills; not sure if it was from their talent or my burnt skin — probably a bit of both.