Travel to Riga, Latvia.

Mar 16 2017

Travel to Riga, Latvia.

The Baltic States might be small in landmass but the countries are considered to be old European in look, rich culture, enchanting history, and long-established tradition. In fact, quite enchanting!

Why should you go to Riga? Because of its rich culture!

Latvia is a country with a lot to offer, and in terms of culture it’s one of the most interesting places in Europe. Folklore plays a huge role in Latvian culture, and that’s why it’s so unique. You will encounter lots of manifestations of it when you visit Riga, from pre-Christian pagan symbols to traditional woven art and folk songs.

In my own experience, the most remarkable, important, and heartwarming thing about that is that locals will be really happy to tell you about their culture and traditions.

Riga is also a multicultural city. This Baltic capital changed hands several times over the centuries: The Teutonic Order, the Swedish and Russian Empires, and the Soviet Union (among others) all left their imprint on the city. This is mostly visible in the city’s architecture, which displays several influences and styles—from red brick Gothic to Socialist Realism.

Experiencing a new culture is one of the joys of traveling, and nowhere in Europe have I encountered such an enthusiasm to share one’s traditions with visitors like I did in Riga—and that’s why the Latvian capital is one of my favorite cities in the world.